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These specific fields are hardcoded in the layout so using a form plugin to move them around won't work. To make any changes you'd have to create a template override. Copy administrator/components/com_modules/views/module/tmpl/edit.php To administrator/templates/your_template/html/com_modules/module/edit.php And customize it to your liking.


Get the value from current form. $bgcolor = $this->form->getField('bgcolor', 'params')->value;


You can use blank component. That will achieve this result.


In URL assignments section: Set the option to Include In URL matches enter /news/?$ Enable Use Regular Expressions *The /? part is used for the case your /news page is also loading via /news/ and you need to show the module in both cases.


This seems to work, add URL include regex news($)


you could try to unset the script $doc = JFactory::getDocument(); unset($doc->_scripts[JURI::root(true) . '/pathofthescript.js']);


module_name.php file can't be overridden. Check to see if the module has options to disable the loading of its scripts - Many modules come with such settings. If it hasn't, then you could propose this to the developers of the modules to include it in the next release. You can always clone the module and make one of yours that will behave the way you want. ...


The display of modules on a Joomla website is generally controlled via the "Menu Assignment" tab when editing the module in Module Manager. Clicking on a tag link may take you to a different page so that modules displayed on the original page are no longer displayed on the new page. Module assignment options are: On all pages No pages Only on the pages ...

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