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I solved my problem echo JHtml::_('form.csrf'); jimport( 'joomla.html.editor' ); $config = JFactory::getConfig(); $global_editor = $config->get( 'editor' ); $user_editor = JFactory::getUser()->getParam("editor"); if($user_editor && $user_editor !== 'JEditor') { $selected_editor = $...


when you are talking about the default joomla category blog checkout how to do a template override - there you can enter your custom position. a good point to start: remember : Never edit core files directly


Thanks to those who cooperated on this issue. I had solved this by calling the public url (full url) of the module from the administrator, without letting JPATH_BASE fill in the location. For which modify the url to call by: url: "'.Uri::root().'index.php?option=com_ajax&module=my_module&method=deleteImages&format=json", You must add ...


Your AJAX URL is relative and ends up pointing to administrator/index.php. You can change that by prepending root path. First, load the required dependencies: JHtml::_('behavior.core'); Then change the URL: url: Joomla.getOptions("system.paths").root + "/index.php?option=com_ajax&module=my_module&method=deleteImages&format=json&...


Am I understanding correctly that your module is on the front end, but you want to call a helper function from the back end? If yes, I wonder if JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR might do the trick for you?

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