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You might want to try switching from the Bootstrap (default) template to the Div template layout instead, that will give you a "card like" layout, that will give the feel of an article blog layout.


Got the same error in Joomla! System top bar disappeared while in Admin->Global Configuration (com_config). PHP error can only be seen in title (quite useless): "Error: 0 Function name must be a string". Digging for several hours led me to /libraries/joomla/database/driver/bclass.php, removing this file fixes the error. Hope this will save some ...


Thanks mickmackusa, but still doesn't work. I add the class you told me, but when I force to reload my web the images are still affected by the general class: .article-list .article .article-intro-image, .article-list .article .article-featured-video, .article-list .article .article-featured-audio, .article-list .article .article-feature-gallery { margin:...


In your template css write: .page_class .article-intro-image {border-radius: 10px;} See Descendant Selector

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