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I don't think it's safe to remove field groups based on fieldset names. They are unrelated and could be named differently, leading to unexpected results. And that is exactly the issue you're running into. The fieldsets of Custom Fields are named fields-0, fields-1 and so on based number of custom field groups (the ones you can create in backend). Meanwhile, ...


Looking at the API code for com_content it seems to just pass the data back to the com_content model/article in the Admin directory so I would think it would be triggering the same plugin.


I think you just need to pass the $article parameter in as a reference. Add a & before the $article variable in the function call. So, to change... public function onContentAfterSave($context, $article, $isNew) public function onContentAfterSave($context, &$article, $isNew)


If you want an easy way to do it just install the Easy Profile component from the JED. It integrates with registration and with advanced fields in the user's profile which they may edit. I use it a good bit, very simple to setup and manage all of the custom fields you want with direct integration.

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