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Create a simple ajax plugin that handles your user login logic and returns a message for your users. The following 2 files should be zipped together and installed on your site. userlogin.php <?php defined('_JEXEC') or die; // Import library dependencies jimport('joomla.plugin.plugin'); class plgAjaxUserLogin extends JPlugin{ function ...


Hard to say without seeing the complete code but my guess is you don't initialize the application and the language file in question does not get loaded. You can load it manually: $language->load('lib_joomla', JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR);


I believe this arises because the you're running an external php application when you visit that page. When you visit a page which is part of the Joomla website then core Joomla runs and it performs a lot of application initialisation, which includes determining the language which should be used, and then loading the language strings from the JLIB ini file ...


Couldn't get the date correctly in Joomla! v.3.9.14, here's my (proven) solution: $oUser_TZ = JFactory::getUser()->getTimezone(); $aUser_tz = (array)$oUser_TZ; // almost sure this step is not that necessary $full_date = JFactory::getDate('now', $aUser_tz['timezone']); // pretty sure $oUser_tz->timezone will work // I had try to use $full_date->...

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