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The good news is that this is a very basic task. I would pass the entire players result set to your view via $this->_item->players. $query ->select("*") ->from($db->qn('#__football_player')) ->where( [ $db->qn('teamid') . ' = ' . $db->q($value), "active = 1" ] ...


Not sure why a intelephense.environment.includePaths is not useful for you, even when you can have a git clone of joomla in your environment, keep up to date (even you can change of branch for handle different versions) and point to there any new workspace folder you working on. You can set up globally, in this way any new workspace will have it, but is ...


@Eoin's snippet works perfectly other than it should be JFactory. // Load the namespacing for Factory (the new way instead of JFactory) use Joomla\CMS\Factory; // Load the module position <?php echo JFactory::getApplication()->getDocument()->loadRenderer('modules')->render("logo"); ?>


To pass data between the client side in the browser and your server side component you need to use either AJAX or Web sockets base to communicate. Via a JS function on your page you make a connection with your server and execute the helper function and then return the data to the JS function that then changes the values on your page. AJAX comes in two ...

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