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non-sef-url is the inner URL structure of Joomla with parameters to trigger components, assigned modules and assigned templates.

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J4 URL routing - cannot remove menu alias from URL - SEF issue

I've migrated a J3 site to J4 and have an issue with article URL's. In J3 an article would load /category/article i.e.
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Linking to a category list item

I have a Joomla 4 menu item of type "List All Categories in an Article Category Tree". The menu item is FAQ, which sits under another menu item labelled Help. There is a category with an ...
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How to get an associated language version of a menu item by modifying the URL in Joomla?

I have a page in my Joomla, which has the same page also in other languages, properly associated and translated, along with menu items (English has the menu ...
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Get the option and view values of a SEF url (i.e. the internal url)

I'm developing a Joomla! 3.9.x component and have written a custom com_myusers component. I want to avoid that people login/reset/remind using the standard com_users component and I thought the best ...
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JoomSEF extension not create SEF URL on page visit

I am using free version of JoomSEF extension. When I visit any page, JoomSEF extension is not creating according SEF URL entry in the backend. It looks something minor but I am clueless for this. If ...
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Search engines indexing blog items with both SEF urls and non-SEF urls

Just noticed that if I search for blog post titles in Google, I get both SEF and non-SEF results shown. It only appears to happen to articles that don't have a menu item. Has anyone else experienced ...
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How do I turn off Joomla inserting a BASE tag into the HTML?

I set up Joomla to access it through a reverse-proxy. Everything works fine except the HTML has a <base> tag pointing to the real domain name. The browser changes relative links like /signup ...
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URL Not Working When SEF is Disabled in Joomla 3.0 Custom Component

I am developing custom component for joomla 3.x. Our urls for non-sef views are not working url: index.php?option=com_mycomponent&view=myview2&id=mycustomeitemid The same url when sef is ...
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Error 500 when I turn on URL rewriting in back end

I have rename htaccess.txt and changed it to .htaccess. When I visit the site everything is fine (I think). When I turn on rewrite URLs in the back end I get error 500.
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Dynamic urls (aliases) based on variable

I have a component with multiple retailers, based on data from an API. Each retailer has a "read more" link. Now, what I need, is to give each retailer it's own alias, without having to add an alias ...
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Using SEF URLs breaks all templates

I changed both Search Engine Friendly URLs to Yes and Use URL Rewriting to Yes in Global Configuration and renamed the .htaccess.txt to .htaccess . But, now none of my templates work anymore. I have ...
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Add querystring parameters and generate a SEF URL

we have a custom PHP script which is running under JUMI to perform and display some data. The custom script is accessible to a SEF url such as which is a ...'s user avatar
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301 redirects for old non-SEF urls to new SEF ones with new article IDs

I want to redirect all my non SEF url's to new SEF url on my site.But my old site and new site articles have different id's. How can i apply a 301 redirection for old non sef url's to new sef url
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Joomla URL format for custom component

How can I get URL format given below for a custom component in Joomla 3 ( migrating / converting site from Joomla 1.5. Just for seo purpose, I want to keep url same for now )
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Facebook change thumbnail, tittle, secription when using SEF and non SEF URL of the same page

When I post on facebook debugger an URL article it fetches different datas if use SEF or non SEF URL The SEF URL displays the information correctly (thumbnail, title...) but the non SEF URL ...
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Does Joomla 3 automatically create a non-sef url when a category is created?

In sh404sef url manager I noticed that a sef url had been created for a page I had no menu item for. The non-sef url was index.php?option=com_content&id=27&lang=en&view=category I've ...
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