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1 vote
0 answers

How to change 'Response Headers "cache-control" '

I have got a site running on AWS using Cloudfront which is caching the site. I've got browser and page cache enabled in Joomla. However, when looking at the Response Headers, under cache control it's ...
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1 answer

For menu item other than article - won't show page header H1

When I have menu items (other than articles) and Page Display -> Show Page Heading = YES Page Display -> Page Heading = BlaBlaBla.... I do not see any Page Header. This works only if the ...
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3 answers

How do I turn off Joomla inserting a BASE tag into the HTML?

I set up Joomla to access it through a reverse-proxy. Everything works fine except the HTML has a <base> tag pointing to the real domain name. The browser changes relative links like /signup ...
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Modify the <head> tag of a page from a module using Joomla core functions

I'm going to explain: I'm new to Joomla! and I have 3 modules in which I have to rewrite the URLs for SEO purposes. In order to rewrite URLs has been provided this solution on SE WebMasters. It ...
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0 answers

Some pages are randomly served as XML/feed and not as HTML

I'm having this random issue: In some pages (not always the same, and without a readable pattern), the pages are served as XML/feed and not as HTML. What I've found out is that the correct <meta ...
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2 answers

There is no h1 tag in the home page

There is no h1 or h2 tags in my site's home page. I guess that's a very bad thing for SEO. By searching i found out that one way to solve this is to override root/components/com_content/views/...
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