I'm facing an issue with Joomla 3.9.16.

  • I have created many categories, with sub-categories ; here is my organisation :


  • I created corresponding menus and sub-menus to be able to put some modules when displaying the page :


The menus have exactly the same organization than the categories. Since some categories only have one article, some menu ("Que décrire ?", "Que prélever ?",...) are "single article" menu.

  • I have one module named "Autres étapes" only displayed on Larynx submenus:


On frontend : You can go on "Larynx" category there :

Then you select "Larynx", then "Anatomie - orientation" : then you can see the module "Autres étapes" on the right. It's OK. The URL is :

But : if you go to "Que décrire ?" or "Que prélever ?", it does not show the module. The URL is now :

It seems that Anatomie-Orientation is going to a link menu (URL does not show any ID) whereas "que décrire ?" is going to the category (URL showing 17-que-decrire, 17 is the ID of the category "que décrire ?"). I'm misleading something about the organization of Joomla I think... But what ?

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It's because of this:

Since some categories only have one article, some menu ("Que décrire ?", "Que prélever ?",...) are "single article" menu.

You don't have a menu item created for these categories.

  • Oh thank you you solved this ! Another question nevertheless : if I put thoses menus as "List of Articles" it works as you said. But if my module "Autres étapes", reproducing my menu, now when i click on "Que décrire ?" it leads me to the list of one article, whereas I would like to be pointed directly to this single article. What would be the best solution ? Duplicating the menu, one with list of category and one with single article (for the module) ?
    – John
    Apr 7, 2020 at 9:05
  • If you want category link to point to a single article, that is not possible without custom coding.
    – Sharky
    Apr 7, 2020 at 19:26

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