When creating a new menu item type that is "Article » List All Categories" – how can I display all of the actual articles for each sub-category? As of right now, each sub-category being listed has a badge icon displaying a number to represent how many articles are within it's sub-category but I would like all of the actual articles for each sub-category to be displayed.

As a side note I have tried accomplishing this by using the Menu Manager to set the Blog Layout » Include Subcategories to ALL but that still is not working.


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Figured it out, instead of using the List All Categories just choose a single article and then create a new module for that page to display all of your Category/Sub-Category articles. Here's how to do it...

  1. Go to Extensions » Module Manager and Create a new "Articles Category" module, leave the mode set to "Normal"and specify the module position where you want this content to appear on your page.
  2. Use the "Menu Assignment" tab to specify which page(s) you want to display this categories list on.
  3. Next click the "Filtering Options" tab change the "Category Filtering Type" to "Inclusive" and select the categories you want to appear. You can also include any child categories.
  4. Finally if you want to manipulate the category/article ordering you can click on the "Ordering Options" tabs.
  • What version of Joomla is this for? In JOomla 3, half these things are not present
    – Nathan
    Commented Apr 10, 2021 at 2:21

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