I have a little problem - I want to remove categories and submenus from URL in Joomla 3.9.3. Of course, I did basic things like removing ID from URLs, but removing category is like a milestone for me. For example, now it's like that:


And I want archive something like this:

www.funnypage.com/article ,

but still using navigation like in this page: http://wisznice.work.mbnet.pl/o-gminie/historia/pamietniki

Thanks for help!

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By default it is not possible, the structure of your menu sets the structure of your URL.

Some users enable the Plugin called System - Redirect and create some redirections in the Component wich is also called Redirects, from something like:

website.com/category/subcayegory/article to website.com/article

But yes, this is a manual process one by one URL.

Another way to solve this is create just one main category, one main menu for your content, but for the categories you can use a feature called tags to group your content.


Route 66 to date works in both joomla 3.10.8 and joomla 4.1.2. The functions for joomla content are free.

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