I am new at using Joomla and trying to learn the program for a class I m currently taking. I apologize for asking this question again but I am still not clear based on the answer given to previous questions.

I was initially using Joomla 3.7 and upgraded today to 3.7.5, also started creating categories, menus and articles. When I tried viewing the frontend I got the localhost redirect too many times error. Up to last evening the frontend worked fine it just started this error today. I am also using XAMPP as the server.

I attempted to make sense of the htaccess file and see if I could enter the code to stop the redirect, but I was not 100% clear as to where that goes. Can someone please assist me. I will really like to get the hang of this software.

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Try disabling your .htaccess file and see if that helps. If that doesn't help, then you are likely using an SEF plugin that is causing this mess. If disabling (renaming) your .htaccess file fixes the problem, then this might be caused by 1) a hardcoded redirect to https when your Joomla website is already doing that or 2) a wrong redirect rule.


This issue happened to me and I solved it by disabling the "language filter" plugin.

I hope it could help someone. :)


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