I am running Joomla on my computer (windows 8.1) over xampp. I created a contact page following this guide but when I try to send an email I get

Notice SMTP connect() failed

I get to global settings and folloing this guide I used my gmail. Any suggestions?

I am totally new to the world of Joomla and generally to the creations of websites!

Thank you in advance

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By default, Xampp doesn't support a mail service which is what the Notice SMTP connect() failed error is associated with.

If you feel comfortable enough setting it up, a good post was written here:


Else you will have to put your site on a live hosting environment to test your contact form

  • I couldn't setting it up, I tried this kind of guides step by step but nothing! I also tried stunnel and again nothing! I guess I do something wrong. If someone else made it on win 8.1 and xampp 5.6.11 please let me know the steps! Thank you for your reply Aug 10, 2015 at 0:08

i had similar issue but i was 100% sure that is was setup properly. Finally i discovered that it was my antivirus app creating a problem. I have added exception and solved smtp connect issue.

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