I have recently come across an issue where my Localhost Apache server (and/or MySQL server) will interfere with some random websites.

Most recently I discovered the localhost was causing issues on a Joomla website were a single component would throw a 404 component not found error.

since 99% or more of the web continues to work correctly I assume there are 2 primary causes and 3 possible solutions.

Causes 1. code issues with the website/Joomla component 2. localhost apache configuration issues


  1. Fix the code issues (if it's your site/component)
  2. fix the issue with the localhost configuration
  3. stop the localhost server when your surfing the web

I need guidance on what in php code for a Joomla component would cause such issues, and how to fix those code issues. I would hate to see someone happen to have a localhost instance running and have an issue with one of my sites.

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Changing Apache from port 80 to port 81, or anything else, should solve this issue without haveing to stop Apache.

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