I need ability to filter records in my module, but I don't know how to add filter form to module (in component everything works perfectly).

Similar question have been asked a while ago (link), but the answer is a bit unclear (where does the array of $filters come from?).

The main question is is it even possible to add fully functional filtering box using Joomla CMS API?

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I think you have stored value to session from request need to get value from there and assign to variable again:

So to fetch value from session :

$com_man_filtervalues = $app->getUserStateFromRequest('com_man.oferty.filter', 'filter', array(), 'array');
//print_r($com_man_filtervalues);//you need to check for values

If you have got values properly there then you can directly set them to variable when you have display them:

Joomla method_getInput

getInput(string $name, string $group = null, mixed $value = null);

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