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Custom Module not on the JED how to show compatibility information?

In your manifest .xml file for your extension(s) you can specify the <updateservers> element that provides a link to your own website that contains a .xml file that has details about your ...
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Joomla 4 - Cassiopeia add JS and CSS

The old method to add stylesheets and scripts to the doc head was to use the HTMLHelper. An good explanation how to use that: ...
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Redirect controller function on load, what function do I need to use?

Many years ago I had the same question: "where should I put my own code in Joomla?". It was very frustrating at that time for me too and Joomla has a long learning curve, comparing to ...
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Create own Custom Field for Joomla 5

My attempts so far have ended in code that does not load the form field either. I have created a question on Github. See: Here I found the ...
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I need a simple Example of a Custom Field in a Joomla 4 Component

OK Nevermind, 've started again from scratch and this time it worked: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- Repeatable Subform --> <form> <field ...
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