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Joomla 4 - Cassiopeia add JS and CSS

I am using Cassiopeia and Joomla 4. I want to add a slideshow.js and user.css file. I have already added the CSS file and it seems to be picking it up fine. I added the slideshow.js, but doesn't pick ...
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How to set another price (EUR) after current product price in Virtuemart 3.8.8

In current VM shop we need to add EUR currency next to domestic price, calculated by specific conversion value. I was hoping to do it with custom VM plugin, however I am having trouble finding ...
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Redirect controller function on load, what function do I need to use?

I have a question, and I am a bit confused where i need to put this. I have a controller which is mainly empty: class ControllerProfiles extends Controller { public function &getModel($...
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