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How can I make changes to JoomlArt's "Ja Mero" template's style sheet?

I'm not quite sure how Joomla's file structure works. I am using the Ja Mero template from JoomlArt, but haven't used it much. It looks like the T3 Framework. The generated filepath appears to be: ...
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Why is my JOOMLART UBER navigation menu displayed incorrectly on iPad in landscape mode?

The navigation menu on all devices tested works as expected in portrait and in landscape mode, except on one of our iPads. This issue can be observed with an older iPad. With the newer ones, or with ...
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How to customize background image and youtube window in Purity III - Features Intro 1

I want to change background in purity template with Features Intro 1 layout from plain blue to image in this area: I tried inspect element but couldn't find any css that responsible for this style. ...
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Change ordering of loading css files in T3 template

I'm using JoomlaArt template. That template was built on T3 Framework. They have a integrated way of adding custom CSS file and it is pretty simple. Everything what needs to be done is to add ...
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