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category links don't work

On my site there are 2 types of categories: the first has link and in this case I cannot see the content of the page (the div with id "t3-mainbody" is missing in the generated ...
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How to make a header image above the navigation bar in Purity III fixed and/or how to attach the nav menu to it?

I've been following the advice on how to put a header image above the nav bar in Purity-III given in I managed to reproduce the solution however what I really ...
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How to use 3rd party extention in Joomla JA Purity III?

I'm trying to use JPro Final Countdown extension in my Purity template. I use quickstart and modified it as I want. I already installed the extension and set up the configuration in JPro Final ...
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How to customize background image and youtube window in Purity III - Features Intro 1

I want to change background in purity template with Features Intro 1 layout from plain blue to image in this area: I tried inspect element but couldn't find any css that responsible for this style. ...