I want to change background in purity template with Features Intro 1 layout from plain blue to image in this area: enter image description here

I tried inspect element but couldn't find any css that responsible for this style. Can you help me figure this out how to change the background from color to picture?

And also, how to change the youtube link from that page? I already look at the Purity Video module but there's no youtube link. Any idea where should I find to change the youtube link?

Thank you

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  • To change the background you want:
    If you haven't already, create empty file custom.css in folder /templates/purity_iii/css/ then add to it following selector and adjust it to your liking:

    .row-feature.row-feature-primary {
    background: url('your_image_path') no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;

  • Regarding that YouTube video:
    You are already looking at correct module, i.e. Custom HTML module Purity III video in position masthead, but the reason you are not seeing full HTML code lays in the fact that by default TinyMCE editor HIDES <iframe> tags (and <script><applet> tags too).
    So, either:

    • go to Global Configuration and choose No Editor for default editor,
    • OR go to Extensions | Plugins, click Search Tools button, from Select Type dropdown choose editors, click on Editor - TinyMCE and from Prohibited Elements textfield delete iframe. That way you can use TinyMCE as default editor and see YouTube iframe in it.
    • in the unfortunate case that you saved your changes to that module before changing above plugin settings, and TinyMCE deleted iframe, do not despair - read the secton
      5.5 Masthead configuration on the last link in my answer.
  • Word of advice: RTFM!
    In order to prevent "Great Hair Loss" in dealing with "Easy To Customize" templates from Joomla Template Giants (JoomlArt, RocketTheme, etc...), you'd better invest some time to find and read as much as possible of their documentation, prior to start working on them.
    In your case, there are tons of Tutorials on JA site for their legendary Purity template:
    Purity III Docs
    Purity III Default Layouts
    Purity III Features Intro 1 layout

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