Since Joomla does not have a tag merging feature, I'm looking for a way to merge existing tags using SQL query in phpmyadmin.

  • Old tag_id=1
  • New tag_id=2

This query works as long as all of the articles that have the tag_id=1 don't have also the tag tag_id=2.

Update xxx_contentitem_tag_map SET tag_id=2 WHERE tag_id=1

But it doesnt work when one of the article also have the tag_id=2. So I'm looking for a smart query that would work only on that selection:

SELECT * FROM xxx_contentitem_tag_map WHERE tag_id=1 AND tag_id!=2

How should I merge this SELECT query with the update query?

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Try this, but please backup your database before:

  tag_id = 2
  tag_id = 1 AND 
  core_content_id NOT IN (
      tag_id = 2

Basically you have to select all article IDs where the tag ID is already 2 and then exclude them from your update query by using the NOT IN operator

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