I am trying to build a regional blog/magazine. The home page layout which came as almost default with Gantry is satisfying. I am using XAMPP on Ubuntu 18.04.3 and Joomla 3.9.13 and Gantry 5.4.31.

Issue no. 1

I have 4 columns in the home page which is fine, but when the 5 th article is shown through pagination - next, it takes 2 column width. Shouldn't it be 1/4 of the page as page layout is 4 columns ?

Issue no. 2

When I click on an article to read it, it works fine. But below the whole home page content is visible. Is there any way to fix it ?

You can see the front end layout issues in GIF 1 and back-end in pictures 1 and 2



Pic 1

enter image description here

Pic 2

enter image description here


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