I'm actually trying to get two administration level for my Joomla Website.

  • The first is the standard Super User with the standard admin menu
  • The second is a "Communication Admin" with only some items in its admin menu.

That's exactly what I want but, when I'm logging with the "Communication" account, I've a notification on all page saying


The administrator menu Communication does not have - Menu Manager, Module Manager. Select to turn on the menu recovery mode.

Is there a possibility to disable this annoying popup for a user groups or for everyone as well

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    In this Joomlashack tutorial about setting up custom admin menus, in Step #4 it shows a screen print of the Advanced Tab with a 'Check menu' option that I understand will disable the check that is producing your message. How it fits in to what you have implemented there is not enough detail in your question to know, but I hope it helps. joomlashack.com/blog/tutorials/new-admin-menus
    – Irata
    May 10, 2019 at 1:31
  • Yes, that just fixed my problem ! Thank you ! May 10, 2019 at 8:42

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Thanks to @Irata, I found a option in :

  • Menus (Column Linked Module) > Your module Name > Check Menu

And set this option to "No"

Hope this help someone else

Check Menu Optio

Source : https://www.joomlashack.com/blog/tutorials/new-admin-menus/

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