Since upgrading to J! 3.9.0 I'm getting this error on EVERY extension update except for the few who use an update routine that appears to bypass normal Joomla workings - StackIdea's EasyBlog and JoomlaShine's Uniform are 2 that will still update OK.

However, everything else (ALL of which have happily updated from the Update area in the past) fails. The extensions are all 3 types (component, module, and plugin) and are both paid and free. They all require manual installation to update.

I checked my /tmp path and it's correct and writable. configuration.php is, as I would expect, unwritable, but I saw in a different post some else's Folder Permissions screenshot showing it as writable so I changed it to 777. Still fail to install anything.

As I manage some 80 odd sites, this is a major time waster. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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OK, found the issue and solution, but not the cause!

I went to the thread On RegularLabs' site - https://www.regularlabs.com/forum/exten ... ions#83452. In this, Peter talks about "some" server setting (he doesn't know which - or didn't at the time of writing) changing the case of the Header names. Because Joomla is looking case-sensitive, the installs failed.

He posted a patch for libraries/src/Installer/InstallerHelper/php which I copied and saved, then uploaded to 2 of my sites. Previously failing updates now performed perfectly.

  • I've just installed v3.9.1, which should include this patch, but I still get this error. Any advice?
    – Puce
    Commented Dec 30, 2018 at 23:00
  • @Puce if you are experiencing a similar issue, but this solution doesn't work for you, please post a new question with as much detail as you can so that volunteers can possibly lend you a hand. Commented Jan 30, 2019 at 7:15
  1. Check if the system has free space.
  2. Check in System / Global Configuration / Server Tab / Path to Temp Folder if you have a full path (not relative one) to the tmp folder of your website.
  3. Check in System / Global Configuration / System Tab / Path to LogFolder if you have a full path (not relative one) to the logs folder of your website.
  4. Check in System / System Information / Folder Permissions tab if all the item are writable
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  • Can you tell me what I did wrong with my answer?. I had a similar problem like the question said and I posted my solution. nothing more.
    – NetVicious
    Commented Mar 13, 2020 at 8:14
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