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Register Plugin/Class Joomla

We have a custom login plugin which extends the CMSPlugin. I am trying to register the Class of the plugin inside a module but the following scenarios occur. Case 1 JLoader::register('...
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How to include an external helper php file in module

I've created a custom component that (in addition to all the other component files) has a helper file located in: /administrator/components/com_kr_books/helpers/kr_books.php It has an abstract class ...
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Proper way for autoloading in Joomla 4

I'm trying to make my news module modification working with Joomla 4. My module is calling custom fields and I use this autoloader below to make it work in Joomla 4. Can you tell me what is the proper ...
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Extend an administrator class in the front end code

I have just upgraded my site from Joomla 3.7 to 3.9 and I am getting errors related to my code for a component model class that extends an administrator component model class. The require_once line ...
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Why do we need a system autoloader when we are all ready using Composer autoloading?

There is one class called JLoader which has auto loading techniques for loading the library packages. Why do we need some class for loading when we already have Composer autoloading? What is this ...
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