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Autoload external library in Joomla 5 component

In my Joomla 4 component I successfully used the Mpdf library. Since migrating to Joomla 5, the library does not initialise properly. This is the setup that worked in Joomla 4: class MyModel extends ...
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Proper way for autoloading in Joomla 4

I'm trying to make my news module modification working with Joomla 4. My module is calling custom fields and I use this autoloader below to make it work in Joomla 4. Can you tell me what is the proper ...
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Moving a Joomla site to a new hosting and now getting missing dependency errors

First, some background information... I am a medical doctor, not a professional webdev, and I am not very experienced with Joomla. I have only used Wordpress in the last few years for some random ...
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Library with namespace and autoloader example

I want to make a namespace for my Joomla components, but I can't find a clear example. I want to declare multiple classes in my namespace and use autoloading. For example: namespacebas\xml ...
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Load namespaced library from component in J!4

I'm using the latest build of J!4. I have a component that has library files under joomla_root\libraries\mycomponent but the namespaced files in this directory aren't loaded by Joomla! 4 autoloader. ...
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Why do we need a system autoloader when we are all ready using Composer autoloading?

There is one class called JLoader which has auto loading techniques for loading the library packages. Why do we need some class for loading when we already have Composer autoloading? What is this ...
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Loading custom classes in a component automatically

I am writing my first Joomla component. I found there are 3 so called entry points. installer site entry admin entry I'd like to use some common utility classes by all of these entry points. These ...
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No autoloader for JTable etc?

How come I have to manually include JTable, JModel, etc? Is this for security reasons or just a missing feature? Edit: Top google blog post about it:
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Autoloader not working import, discover & registerPrefix

I have an extension that is using autoloader to import helpers. Everything works well in localhost development environment but in the live server the classes are not loaded. I get the error "Fatal ...
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Problems auto loading classes with JLoader::registerPrefix

This is probably a really stupid question but I cannot find the answer and trial and error has failed. I am developing a component for Joomla 3.x and I have a number of classes that I want to use. I ...
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Installing php-font-lib in Joomla libraries namespacing

I am currently trying to install php-font-lib in joomla, i have been working with custom libraries in joomla for the last 3 hours, So I have absolutely no idea whats going on. I have Joomla 3.3. I ...
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