I'm having a problem with building the rule for a particular URL. Here's what I have in my system plugin:

function onAfterInitialise() {
    require_once '/path/to/myhelper.php';
    $router = $this->app->getRouter();
    $router->attachBuildRule(array('MyHelper', 'BuildRoute'));
    $router->attachParseRule(array('MyHelper', 'ParseRoute'));

In the myhelper.php:

class MyHelper {
     public static function buildRoute(&$router, &$uri) {

In another file, when I try to JRoute any url, it adds the language code at the end instead of the beginning. For example:

echo JRoute::_('helloworld.php');
//this will print "/foobar/en/" instead of just "/en/foobar/" or possibly just "/foobar"

A few things:

  1. I have the Joomla system plugin System - Language Filter enabled.

  2. Setting Remove URL Language Code to either Yes or No does not change the outcome.

  3. Disabling the plugin will remove the language code, but I can't do that.

  4. The baffling part is, all other Joomla generated URLs (like the ones in the menu), have the language code in front. eg mydomain.com/en/mylink

  5. Also baffling is if I do not try to override the route, Joomla show the language code in the front for the same JRoute::_('helloworld.php'). It shows /en/helloworld.

Any direction on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Your plugin is ordered before System - Language Filter. Changing the plugin order should fix the issue. Otherwise you may need to pass stage argument to attachBuildRule() and/or attachParseRule(). It defines at which stage of the build/parse process the rules are applied.

$router = $this->app->getRouter();
$router->attachBuildRule(array('MyHelper', 'BuildRoute'), $router::PROCESS_AFTER);


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