I've created a custom component in which my client can add and manage different accommodations. I would like to automatically create a folder (with name of Alias) inside '/images' whenever the client adds a new object (accommodation) to the component. I did find that I should be able to fire for example JFolder::create on onContentAfterSave, found a example of somebody using it to do the same in com_articles with use of a plugin, but somehow I cannot get it to work inside my custom component.

(To be complete: the issue here is that the mediamanager, when used in a subform like I do, does not show the option to create a folder. Hence I would like to add it this way).

Anyone any thoughts on this?

// code I have in edit.php of component

function onContentAfterSave(){
    $foldername = $accommodation->alias;

    // First we set up parameters
    $searchpath = JUri::root() . '/images/accommodations' . $foldername;

    // Joomla doesn't autoload JFile and JFolder
    JLoader::register('JFile', JPATH_LIBRARIES . '/joomla/filesystem/file.php');
    JLoader::register('JFolder', JPATH_LIBRARIES . '/joomla/filesystem/folder.php');

    // Then we create the subfolders
    if (!JFolder::create($searchpath . "/gallery"))

    if (!JFolder::create($searchpath . "/slider"))

  • It would help if we saw some code.
    – TryHarder
    Sep 25, 2017 at 12:02

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I think you may be a little confused with JUri::root(). This method doesn't provide a path, but a URL.

So your current code:

$searchpath = JUri::root() . '/images/accommodations' . $foldername;

will output:


You'll need to make us of JPATH_SITE. So replace the above code with this:

$searchpath = JPATH_SITE . '/images/accommodations' . $foldername;

Hope this helps

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