I was trying to restore a version of content I am editing.

In the construct method of my administrator/components/com_joomprosubs/tables/subscription.php script, I added this following line:

'JoomprosubsTableSubscription', array('typeAlias' => 'com_joomprosubs.subscription'));

This is based on what I have read in this link: https://docs.joomla.org/Using_Content_History_in_your_Component

However, when I try to restore a version, an error is displayed:

Error restoring item version from history.

The error is being returned due to the blank value of typeAlias. I don't know where I got it wrong. From the code that I added above, I have included the typeAlias with its corresponding value.

Has anybody tried adding versioning in their custom component?

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For now, I temporarily overridden the loadHistory function from the Base Class.

from there, i passed the alias as 'com_joomprosubs.subscription'. The restoring of version history is now working.

Is there a disadvantage in my resolution?

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