What is the newer syntax to replace the deprecated JApplication::getCfg()?

The docs don't specify the replacement in the deprecation notice.


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This will get the config settings for you.

$config = JFactory::getConfig();
echo 'Site name is ' . $config->get( 'sitename' );

That's odd, it does in version 3.4.8, the syntax is the same but the name of the method has been shortened to just get If you jump to the original class in your IDE this is the old getCfg() method:

 * Gets a configuration value.
 * @param   string  $varname  The name of the value to get.
 * @param   string  $default  Default value to return
 * @return  mixed  The user state.
 * @since   3.2
 * @deprecated  4.0  Use get() instead
public function getCfg($varname, $default = null)
    return $this->get($varname, $default);

As you can see getCfg('someVarName') can simply be replaced with get('someVarName').

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