In PHP Storm I am always tells me that the CMSObject->get() function is deprecated and that I should implement my own getter. I would, if I could... This message comes with standard things like:

$item = parent::getItem($pk);
$params = json_decode($item->get('params'));

This call is made within a model, for example. Get the item - Get the params - how should I do it differently? $item is already a "CMSObject" here.

Thanks for your suggestions. It would be nice if a new Extension would also run on J6 then...

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This is my getItem (J6) in a single record model example. Hope this helps.

     * Method to get an object.
     * @param   integer $id The id of the object to get.
     * @return  mixed    Object on success, false on failure.
     * @throws Exception

public function getItem($id = null)
    if ($this->_item === null) {
        $this->_item = false;

        if (empty($id)) {
            $id = $this->getState('application.id');

        // Get a level row instance.
        $table = $this->getTable();

        // Attempt to load the row.
        if ($table->load($id)) {

            // Check published state.
            if ($published = $this->getState('filter.published')) {
                if (isset($table->state) && $table->state != $published) {
                    throw new \Exception(Text::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_ITEM_NOT_LOADED'), 403);

            // Convert the Table to a clean Object.
            $properties  = $table->getProperties(1);
            $this->_item = ArrayHelper::toObject($properties, 'stdClass');


        if (empty($this->_item)) {
            throw new \Exception(Text::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_ITEM_NOT_LOADED'), 404);

    if (isset($this->_item->created_by)) {
        $this->_item->created_by_name = MycomponentHelper::getSpecificUser($this->_item->created_by)->name;

    if (isset($this->_item->modified_by)) {
        $this->_item->modified_by_name = MycomponentHelper::getSpecificUser($this->_item->modified_by)->name;

    return $this->_item;

As for params, I get these from the populateState function.

// Load the parameters.
$params       = Factory::getApplication('com_mycomponent')->getParams();
$params_array = $params->toArray();
  • This is site side of website. So what parameters are you after, component params or menu params and do you need them in the model? Commented Mar 22 at 0:40
  • It's a bit weird to explain - i load the params of a Custom Module Instance so my Model / Table gets the information from #_modules - Based on your answer, I thought about it again and came up with the following solution: $item = parent::getItem($pk); $params = new Registry($item->params); $sourceMethod = $params->get('source_method', null); ... In Fact i need the "item" Params that way its working
    – Marco
    Commented Mar 22 at 9:50

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