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MySQL Server has gone away with mysqli_connect to another LAMP Stack / TURNKEY Linux

I am trying to connect to another VM ( from to get Data out of the MariaDB Database (joomla). So my Code is: $link = mysqli_connect("", "user&...
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Problem setting up cloud server on Debian 8 for Joomla 3.6.2

I am trying to migrate joomla site from shared hosing to cloud server on Debian 8. I have installed Apache2, PHP5.6, MySQL and I have Akeeba backup from previous hosting. After unpacking files to ...
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The PHP temporary folder is not writeable

On Joomla 5 (same problem on Joomla 4) I am getting the warning "The PHP temporary folder is not writeable". In more detail: This folder is not writeable by the Joomla! instance, which may ...
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How to create menu item in admin menu Joomla 4 in php+mysql in module, plugin?

How to create menu item in admin menu Joomla 4 in php? From plugin/module for Joomla4?
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Joomla Dev site accepting only prod credentials and directing to Prod site after replicating the Prod db dump to Dev DB

I have exported the Joomla DB dump from Production application and imported the same production sql dump file to my development environment. Now when i launch the development site then it logs me in ...
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