I'm developing my custom component and I need to call some task from back-end controller during editing a single record. The url of my record edit page in the back-end is:


There is my ajax-query for calling a task in the record controller:

 method: "POST",
 cache: false,
 url: 'index.php?option=com_mycom&task=deleteimg&format=raw&id=<?php echo $this->item->id; ?>',
 data: {id: '<?php echo $this->item->id; ?>'}
}).done(function() {
return false;

I tried also the urls:


But every time console displays me the 404 error:

POST ...//domain.com/administrator/index.php?...&id=2 404 (... [name, type, prefix]: pages, raw, mycomView)

What the correct url should be?


Try this one:

index.php?option=com_mycom&task=yourcontroller.deleteimg&tmpl=component&id=<?php echo $this->item->id; ?>
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