Are there any quality podcasts regarding Joomla or PHP and web development that you listen and would recommend?

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Joomla Podcasts

Joomla Beat Podcast by Peter Bui

This is a general podcast about Joomla. Lots of interesting interviews, very informative, good sound quality and overall very dynamic and positive.

PHP Podcasts

PHP Town Hall by Ben Edmunds, Phil Sturgeon

PHP Town Hall is a podcast / vlog related to php development and regularly has guests with experienced php developers who are implementing php solutions every day.

Voices of the ElePHPant by Cal Evans and E.I.C.C., Inc.

Interviews with different community members from different projects.

Joomla Conferences

J and Beyond by J and Beyond e.V.

Recordings from the J and Beyond e.V. (Germany)

Web development


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