I am using the code below for getting form values:

$data = JFactory::getApplication()->input->get('jform', array(), 'array');

However, when I use json_encode, it encodes all the form fields I use. How do I select fields in the form from a specific fieldset? I have 2 fieldsets in my Form, the original one and the other fieldset named 'reportFilters'. I can only use the getFieldset in my View Class.

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When using the above command to retrieve server request data, the form fields are organized in a key/value array. Which fieldset is irrelevant to retrieving the data from the array, simply use the form field name given in the XML form definition file. So, if you had a field called 'first_name' you would access like so regardless of which fieldset:

$data = JFactory::getApplication()->input->get('jform', array(), 'array');

Hope that helps.

  • is there any way for the generated form together with my custom fields be retrieved to the model? Dec 12, 2014 at 5:56

Since my custom fields were all from the database, I had a workaround with this issue, and that is to create a new associative array, and load the custom fields from the database and then assign values of the custom fields coming from what I have got from this code.

$data = JFactory::getApplication()->input->get('jform', array(), 'array');

The only thing that made this difficult is I was supposed to create the form as dynamic as possible.

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