I have a joomla site and wish to run a piece of vanilla Java-script (that I wrote) on this site.

The java script requires access to an API (which I have made).

I would much rather not have to implement a separate JWT system for this API as I anticipate technical problems syncing the two sets of permissions on the api and on the joomla site.

If I set up the API as a reverse proxy from the apache server can I use a custom joomla system plugin to control the access to the API? A solution as described in this question perhaps?

How to restrict access to custom component views?

Or will this not work? I don't really understand joomla enough to tell.


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Presently in Joomla! 3 you cannot do that. Although TechJoomla have an API that you could use. https://techjoomla.com/rest-api-for-joomla

In Joomla! 4 you can use the inbuilt API as seen on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT9qodsvfZg

I gave a bit of a fuller answer on another post: Crawling Joomla websites without parsing website's html

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