I need to create a new page for my custom component, however I don't want (and I don't need) to create a new view for that. I know that this can be achieved by creating layouts; the problem is that my layouts lead me to a 404 error.

I created a layout called thumbnails.php

My path: com_gallery/views/tmpl/thumbnails.php

I access it by this URL: [root]index.php?option=com_gallery&view=gallery&layout=thumbnails

It seems that all is set correctly, but still I get a 404 error.

Do I have to register the layout or something?

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Normally view layouts should be placed in view layout directory. In your case it's components/com_gallery/views/gallery/tmpl

  • I actually had this setup before asking the question, I just forgot to add "gallery" to the path on my post; however it wasn't working but now it does. I don't know what's changed. Maybe something was cached or I don't know. Apr 20, 2020 at 15:07

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