Has the addfieldpath parameter in custom extension forms changed in Joomla 4? The Joomla admin is no longer finding my component's customized field types.

I'm using addfieldpath="/administrator/components/com_mycomponent/Field"> in the form xml definition, since all my fields have been moved to the new Field directory, and my field names have been changed to something like HeaderField and are referenced in the XML field like:

<field name="header" type="header" default="COM_MYCOMPONENT_DEFAULT" description="COM_MYCOMPONENT_DESC" tag="info" />

I'm not sure if there's something that has to be done to let the xml form correctly map to the new namespaced fields.

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The new format appears to be addfieldprefix instead of addfieldpath, using the namespace for your Field directory: addfieldprefix="MyCompany\Component\MyComponent\Administrator\Field"

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