Using the content event onContentPrepare() within a plugin in the contexts of 'com_contact.category' and 'com_contact.contact' works fine.

But the following code doesn't output anything on a page which is showing the Contacts » Featured Contacts:

public function onContentPrepare($context, &$row, &$params, $page = 0) {

If would expect something like e.g. com_contact.featured.

Also onContentBeforeDisplay() and onContentAfterDisplay() doesn't work.

Do i have a chance to get a content-plugin work within alle three events on the featured contact-page?

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I did some research and found a solution using template overrides (thanks to Sharky answer).

You can manually trigger content plugins in template overrides for featured contacts as well.

Default template

Path: /templates/<template>/html/com_contact/featured/default.php

Run the content plugins on some text:

echo JHtml::_('content.prepare', 'For example mail like [email protected] are cloaked.');

Or run content plugins on a custom context like "com_contact.featured":

$featured = new stdClass;
$featured->text = 'For example mail like [email protected] are cloaked.'; // add text
$featured->params = new JObject; // add more to parameters if needed
JFactory::getApplication()->triggerEvent('onContentPrepare', array ('com_contact.featured', &$item, &$item->params, 0));

Default Items template

Path: /templates/<template>/html/com_contact/featured/default_items.php

Run the content plugins on each item:

$app = JFactory::getApplication();
foreach($this->items as $item) {
  $app->triggerEvent('onContentPrepare', array ('com_contact.contact', &$item, &$item->params, 0));

Note that the context 'com_contact.contact' is used.


No, plugin events are not triggered on Featured Contacts page. You can request this feature on the Issue Tracker. Until this is implemented in core, you can only manually add the events in layout overrides.

  • Thank you @Sharky. What do you mean exactly with "add the events in layout overrides": Is it possible to trigger events in layout overrides?
    – sbruemmer
    Commented Feb 5, 2019 at 10:10
  • Yes, it's done with JFactory::getApplication()->triggerEvent(). But doing anything in the layout is for your personal use only. If you want to create a plugin that can be used on other sites, this needs to be implemented in core first.
    – Sharky
    Commented Feb 6, 2019 at 7:19

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