So I've got this in a system plugin for event onAfterInitialize -

$app = JFactory::getApplication();    
$referrer     = $app->input->getInt('ref');    
$app->setUserState('com_mycomponent.referrer', $referrer);

And I know it's setting the variable because on that file this works -

//get ref_uid from session variable    
$ref_uid = $app->getUserState('com_mycomponent.referrer', null);    
var_dump($ref_uid); die; 

Also, when I put the getUseState on an external php file for testing, it reads as well -

define( '_JEXEC', 1 );
define( '_VALID_MOS', 1 );
define( 'JPATH_BASE', realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/' ));
require_once ( JPATH_BASE .DS.'includes'.DS.'defines.php' );
require_once ( JPATH_BASE .DS.'includes'.DS.'framework.php' );
$mainframe = JFactory::getApplication('site');
$app = JFactory::getApplication();

//get ref_uid from session variable
$ref_uid = $app->getUserState('com_mycomponent.referrer');


However - when I put that same exact getUserState call in a user plugin for onUserAfterSave, it fails to read the session variable and returns null.

I"m sure the code is firing because I get output while testing, echo this and die that etc.

Anyone have any ideas why this isn't working?

Someone on stackexchange had a similar issue so I tried their suggestion and added this to no avail -

$session = JFactory::getSession();
$session->set('registry',   new JRegistry('session'));

Also worth noting is that getUserState is working fine in my custom component, just not in this onUserAfterSave plugin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm all out of ideas!

  • Are you trying to use setUserState just after user logs in ?
    – Gaurav
    Mar 29, 2017 at 6:55
  • No, it's after system initialize. "in a system plugin for event onAfterInitialize"
    – omni
    Mar 29, 2017 at 7:29

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The variable was being set on each page load (onAfterInitialize), so it was setting to null whenever the get var wasn't present. Fixed it with if not null;

     $app = JFactory::getApplication();
     $ref  = $app->input->getInt('ref');
     $session = JFactory::getSession();


         $session->set('referrer', $ref);

So now the session variable only sets if it's not null. Duh Omni!


There is no event called onAfterUserSave - it is called on onUserAfterSave - not sure if this is a typo. If it's not a typo, then I have no idea how an event that doesn't exist got triggered.

  • Sorry, and thanks. That was a typo. Fixed here. I am using onUserAfterSave event.
    – omni
    Mar 29, 2017 at 5:27

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