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GJC Web Design described the way to get rid of "Virtuemart aio" empty menu item in Joomla's "Components" menu by doing this in the database:

SELECT * FROM `jos_menu` WHERE `link` LIKE '%allinone%' 

Now my question is... what SQL query is necessary to remove "tcpdf" empty entry from Joomla's "Components" menu?


TCPDF can usually be removed using the normal uninstall process in extension manager:


I don't think there are normally any menu options associated with TCPDF but if there were, these could be removed like this or similar:

DELETE FROM `jos_menu` WHERE `title` LIKE '%tcp%'

More likely is a remaining entry in the extensions table which could be removed as follows:

DELETE FROM `jos_extensions` WHERE `name` = 'TCPDF'

Note: If necessary, update the prefix from "jos" in the above commands to the prefix you are using.


For those who need to know how: Here's the code:

SELECT * FROM `jos_menu` WHERE `title` LIKE '%tcp%'
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    This is simply a select query. Should it be removing or getting the data? – Lodder Aug 18 '16 at 19:06

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