How can I do the below using Joomla API JFactory::getApplication()->input;


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TL;DR: there is no equivalent, because it's not needed.

JInput data is by default a reference to $_REQUEST, so it dosen't have own unset method, because it is not needed. Although it would be nice to have $input->unset('variable1'); for completness of API.

You should use plain PHP, e.g unset($_REQUEST['variable1']);. If you have your variable in $_GET, you can unset by that, if you prefer.

Although you can always use $input->set('variable1', null);, but this way PHP carbage collector won't free memory, since variable is still defined.

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    @Malaiselvan This seems like a complete and accurate answer. Is there any reason not to accept this answer? Aug 7, 2018 at 21:59

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