I am confused. I have a Joomla 3 multilingual website. I managed to associate menu items and everything else, but I have a page where there is an article and below the article I put Joomla Article Category module to display other articles titles from the same category in Dynamic mode.

Besides menu associations, I also associated my categories and all articles in three languages so that in another page where a category blog is set after clicking on an article you can then change the language and be redirected to the corresponding translated page without a menu linking to the article.

The problem is that when I click in the module Article Category, it opens my article, but then when I click to the language flag to change the language to English for example, it redirects me to the English homepage.

Why does it happen so? How can I solve this problem without creating menu items for all articles?

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I have a very similar site than your, but only in 2 languages, and this association is working for me, just make sure, that you have done these steps: - Associate categories (you have already mentioned) - associated articles (you have already mentioned) - set the language at each article (funny but I failed to do so) - set up menus for the category blogs (if you do not want to show them on the main menu then in a hidden menu) - set the language for each menu item - associate the menu items as well. - set the language at the module that displays the articles

If everything is set and still do not work, that is probably a bug in joomla.

  • Thanks, I have already found that solution, you are right. The mistake was that I mentioned the menu item as a single article, not a category blog.
    – gag
    May 29, 2014 at 10:35

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