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How redirect the button new of frontend to open a seblod form in Joomla 3?
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You could use 1. htaccess redirect 2. default configuration for default article type 3. set a direct link via menu to form creation

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How to fix missing article separator (Joomla 3.4.8)?
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Then write the css by yourself. Normally this class should be integrated in all modern templates, maybe you do use an override for featured and category blog. More details would be needed, for e.g. a ...

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I am getting Error on Sucuri Mallware scan on Joomla for SectionCategoryArticleList component
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There are no details provided behind your link (404 error). I just see an old component php-error, maybe because of the Joomla 1.5 code inside. Have a look at the Joomla Documentation. Probablly the ...

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How to create a custom 404 Error page for every language
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you also could use the standard 404 (or similar) php-file of your template if it already exists. The Joomla! alias standard would be /404 or /404.html according to the global configuration for the ...

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