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Why are the default "index.html" files not valid HTML5?
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In Joomla these files are placed in folders to keep someone from seeing the contents of it's parent folder in a list that is automatically created by apache when no index file is present. It is a ...

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Problems moving J25 to new server
2 votes

I found this on the Joomla Site: Finally got it... I was reading about the "open_basedir" directive. " Did a locate php.ini and there it was: /home/...

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How can a module be disabled based on device or viewport size in Joomla 3 to optimize performance for mobile devices?
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I generally use css @media to make this happen. Makes it simple to hide things depending on screen size and have them parse for times when a landscape tablet is wide enough to show it and the portrait ...

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Update all image paths from http to https in Joomla 1.5
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You can use an external script to get your database in order. I have used this one from interconnect/it a lot on both Joomla and Wordpress. It is awesome and totally free. It is a script you upload to ...

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