Software Development:

PHP/MySQL, CodeIgniter, Grocery Crud (auto PHP Codeigniter CRUD generator), Flexi Auth (user authentication/login library for use with the CodeIgniter 2.0+ framework), Flexi Cart (shopping cart library for use with the CodeIgniter 2.0+ framework), Payment Gateway API, UPS (United Parcel Service library for use with the CodeIgniter 2.0+ framework), CakePHP, Wordpress (Custom Plugin/Theme Development), Joomla (Custom Component Development), OpenCart, OsCommerce, Oracle Web Centre. PHP Programming, passionate about designing and development of interactive, dynamic and robust database-driven websites using PHP. PHP and client-server (3-tier) architecture covering essentials and fundamentals of PHP. Hands-on HTML, CSS for controlling page styles and layouts, JavaScript - adding interactivity, DHTML, Ajax, Session & Application Management, Form Handling and Validation, Regular Expression, String Operation, Date & Time manipulation, File handling and Uploads, Database with PHP using MySQL Server, Reporting, Object Oriented Programming in PHP.

System Administration:

System Administration of Linux & Microsoft Technologies including Linux(Fedora, Redhat, Centos) , Windows Server 2003 & 2008, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista with the implementation of SAMBA, LDAP, SQUID Server, Bash Scripting, DNS, ADS, DHCP, FTP, HTTP, ISA Server, Radius Server, Email Server etc.

SVN (Subversion):

Version Control System (SVN) implementation and maintenance on both Server-Side and Client-Side while providing a professional GUI based interface to IT Support Engineers/Project Managers for managing different configurations (LDAP server authentication, SMTP mail credentials etc) and Creating/Managing repositories and assigning permissions to users on each repository.

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