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What Drives Me

What drives me is curiosity, and because of that, I often do new things. I come back to things that were the most rewarding to tinker with, learn from, or simply were the most useful.

It is my experience that there's a lot of value in connecting systems. Different technologies used, systems from different centuries, whatever the case may be. It's all about the data. Data is valuable, it outlasts everything else within a company. That should be a key understanding for anyone who has anything to do with automation systems of any sort.

The Right to Repair

I'm a big believer in Free Software, open platforms of any kind, and fundamentally, the right to repair. If you buy something, you should mostly own it for all intents and purposes. This is not to say that I'm not intimately familiar with proprietary products like Windows & DOS, C#, and a range of other proprietary software.


What got me started in programming was QBasic for DOS in 1992. Since then, I have productively used the following programming languages, both professionally and for personal projects:

  • C# (2 years)
  • VB.NET w/ASP.NET (5 years)
  • MS-SQL (7 years)
  • HTML/JS/jQuery (7 years), some Angular 1
  • Elm
  • MySQL (4 years)
  • PHP (4 years)
  • Python
  • Visual FoxPro (3 years)
  • Java w/Android SDK (1 year)
  • Delphi (2 years)

Additionally, I have some experience configuring LAMP stacks and Microsoft stacks, both physical and virtualized.

On the IT-administration side, I've been a Sysadmin (5 years), Network Manager, IT Manager (3 years), and currently I'm the CIO of Nets & More (The Fish Net Company LLC) in Louisiana.

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