1. Very easily annoyed.
  2. As an example, in this very editor (Markdown) a simple return does not create the next list item. You have to SHIFT return. That is annoying, because I have to press a key.
  3. But even more annoying is how the text wraps to the left of the numbers here in the editor view. WHAT KIND OF COMMIE CRAP IS THAT?!?!?!
  4. Yes I see that the WYSIWYG below that updates live. Still, bad word wrap up here makes my brain itch.
  5. Okay, so I now have the habit of pressing SHIFT every time I hit RETURN. This is EXACTLY OPPOSITE of every other site in the world, so I know it's going to bite me.
  6. Why does EVERY NEW NUMBER have to say "List Item." Sure, it's auto selected, unless I pause to do something else, then I have needless text to select and delete. Thanks.
  7. The word wrap is too wide. 93??? Are you joking?? Even 80 is too much, but at least there's technological precedent for that. How about making the wrap at 50, no more than 60? Text will look better and be easier to read. I know because I am a typographer named Andy. Oh great, now you know my specialty AND my name. </pathetic Reservoir_Dogs Reference>
  8. I like the responsiveness of the live update, but I'm not gonna commit myself.

And that's the story on that.

Have a nice day. In fact have two, they're giving them away this week.

AngryAndrew, Man of Many Rants

Fast-Forward to one month later:

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, so now I love Markdown better than any other web-based text editor. Thanks, you ruined me. (Now how am I gonna tell TinyMCE? Like, it was great while it lasted?? Tiny's gonna be so sad...)