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1 An older question, but may give you a direction to consider to figure out what to add into the code generating your XML.


As far as I know, the SQL form field will always return the ID of an article. So you can get the title, into text and intro image, you can use Joomla's Table class: use Joomla\CMS\Table\Table; $array = ['articleOne', 'articleTwo', 'articleThree', 'articleFour']; // Loop through each array item foreach ($array as $value) { $article = Table::...


Most form views in core components have custom Joomla.submitbutton() functions. Standard function does indeed support only adminForm as form ID. Instead you can use Joomla.submitform() and pass your form: <button class="btn btn-primary" type="button" onclick="Joomla.submitform('controller.send', this.form)" >Send</button>

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