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OK, comments are not the easiest place to talk in details (too short, too easy to misinterpret) so I'll post this here. It may be a bit wide-ranging and high-concept at first b/c of the lack of detail I'm starting out with, but bear with me and we can edit out the parts that don't fit the more concrete scenario, as it gets defined, and flesh out the parts ...


The view file that your component is looking for MycomponentViewViewname which was used in the Joomla 3, so make sure you are extending the right controller class in your Controller(i.e Joomla\CMS\MVC\Controller\BaseController or any other class extending it such as AdminController). If it is from correct namespace track the setView() for any such changes ...


It doesn't look like you are including the menu Itemid in your redirect which is why your URL is changing. Add another hidden field with the value of your current Itemid. Your redirect code is fine just add the &Itemid= portion to include the value that you are passing.

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