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Installation page not shown due to MySql access denied and 500 server error

Based on the previous comments under the original question where we excluded many basic sources of failure of Joomla installation, I am now giving the possible solutions or causes here. As I wrote in ...
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Application shows session_start(): Failed to read session data: on browser

This error usually means that Joomla has failed to connect to the database. Check that the database credentials are correct. Also check that the relevant options e.g. mysqli are enabled in PHP. If you ...
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Docker compose Start command throwing "No volume error"

There is something wrong with the container Volume. Try to delete your container first and then create it again. docker container prune and then docker-compose up * this is the accepted answer to a ...
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Upgrading to PHP 7.2 causes 500 Error

What 3rd party extensions do you have? My guess is your have a plugin or something that is having issues and that is causing the error. Make sure error reporting is set to E_ALL (check in phpinfo....
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Recommended practices regarding Joomla file/directory permissions and ownership on linux systems?

Late to the party. I came here looking as well as other places for a definitive guide on what folders need to be writeable for joomla. Sorry folks to be the harbinger of bad news. The advice to use ...
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