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MySQL "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE" with database connection object in Joomla 4

Since 4.0, Joomla database layer always uses prepared statements. And as the error states, the query you're trying to run is not supported when used in prepared statements. This is true at least for ...
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Join one to many with helper table JDatabase

So got it now: In my select for the players: ... $query->select('t.title as team_title, as team_id') ->join( 'LEFT', $db->quoteName('#...
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Using MySQL "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE" with the Joomla database connection object

Updated to include the more detailed example based on the 1st comment. I have been able to get the follow statement to work, or at least not fail, in a simple Joomla 3 Model; $db = $this->getDbo(); ...
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